What I’m Reading: “Nexus” – by Ramez Naam

I often struggle with finding things to read for my entertainment. I was presented a couple of weeks ago with a book I had never heard of- “Nexus” by an author I hadn’t heard of, either- Ramez Naam. Wow. I mean seriously, wow. This book is seriously science fiction, but like most good sci-fi reads, it is also a fantastic story outside of the science. The concepts in the book aren’t exactly new- but certainly worked in a new way, and with spectacular new ideas. {Obviously, you’ve realized by now that this is a “no spoilers” review- it actually isn’t a review at all since I’m sure lots of people have written those, just a discussion about the book}

Naam deals with several topics that we are going to be dealing with in the not so distant future, certainly far more important and big picture than what to do about people using cell phones while they drive. He also asks some questions that hearken back to subjects that we’ve been asking ourselves about for thousands of years. How will we deal with progress? What does it mean to be human? Who takes responsibility for aftermath of new ideas?

In my mind, “Nexus” falls right in place in the top tier of Cyberpunk fiction. I don’t see it taking the works of Neal Stephenson or William Gibson off the shelf- but it certainly deserves some space right next to them.

Check it out- it’s definitely worth the read!


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